2020 Psychic Predictions

Reiki, Prana, Energy Healing, Sanacion Energetica

2020 - A time of Chaos, and much brought to the surface, this year is about a great revealing  to the truth being told.  There is much to be revealed and found out and many opposing forces are trying to deceive hide and prevent this from happening. fake news illusions distractions and shady deals can no longer be hidden as they were before as all will be brought to the light.  Evil has been hiding in Plain site

Individual predictions:

  • Earthquakes more likely earlier in the year February - May
  • Science discovering new applications for sound and anti gravity
  • Dow 30,000 Markets and USA economy doing well
  • Hilary or Michele Obama in the news  maybe trying to run against Trump, but it will never work, Trump will eventually be seen as the one who saved the US from great corruption
  • Heat fire hot wind record temperatures burning in the world
  • Volcanoes awakening
  • Many forms of fake news, fake images, videos with audio and more all created to look very real and convincing yet it is not the truth
  • Discomfort both in peoples health and in the world, their relations, their jobs lots of feelings must be dealt with right now and they cannot wait.
  • Attacks on the masculine energy, many afraid of acting like men. A Feminization movement shift in gender roles and sex roles reveals another objective
  • Mediums, channeling, guides, and other non physical influences very close at this time trust your own intuition
  • A boomschink captured in Europe but the public is not allowed to see it
  • Trump announces more tax breaks by mid year

March 2020 predictions - The slithering snakes come into view shape shifting lies, the media and social networks all corrupt. Where is winter she is in the heart of leaders. Enjoy your loving nature, spend time with your Valentine be giving and kind, share with others, give away and clear what is not needed.

  • The curtain is pulled and the opportunity to see clear is coming, accusations everywhere but injustice cannot be tolerated. The younger one is guilty of his fathers greed
  • A time of healing is strong the opportunity is only a choice away
  • Such evil has hidden the truth that has caused the loss of countless lives
  • A new opportunity in relationships work and play is strong in the heart of those who are pure in the light. Trust not the word of other men but only the voice of the divine
  • Flashes of light and strange sounds come from the sky
  • The waters are polluted and need attention such greed has sold the water rights of many
  • A new whistle blower emerges, more and more the images of justice come to question

April 2020 predictions - Invisible walls, the revealing of whats been hidden, yet not completely visible yet, confusion in the mixed appearance of what may actually be a new reality. The denial still holds strong as people feel violated and sickened. The snake is striking, the poison is strong in the lands of sin. There exist two sides to the vision for the one who is called Esther is yet to be known by all, Wolves and Hyenas look and ponder opportunity in the clouded days of heavy burdens . What some may see others may not even though they are both looking at the same things or places, let them have their site for it is just a matter of time before the awakened come before you

  • Viruses both computer and biological may appear in this time
  • Vengeance comes again as the loosing side strikes out, don't turn your back to the enemy now.

The near future represents a time of shift where you can choose to feel into and trust yourself.. Take care of yourself pamper yourself and avoid listening to or gathering into the mass consciousness waves being broadcast by the media. Let go of what is outside of your own experience and make sure to create a safe and joy filled experience around you. Your own energy, health, and happiness, is so much more important now than focusing on things outside of what you can do or change. There is nothing in your future that you cannot change, you have free will and the choice is yours.