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Psychic Readings I am currently accepting limited request for readings on a individual basis. A reading will focus on upto three questions or just a single question. To be fair the same ampount of time is given for each reading so for single question readings you will recieve more detailed information than if i need to divide the time for additional questions.. Personal Reading $11
Please fill out the order form and allow up 72 hours for your reading. If you request a phone reading a scheduled time may be chosen and will need to be confirmed i am quite busy these days so I am not always online doing readings. Phone reading $14

Energy Blessings - long distance energy blessings are offered in various packages please use the order form to slect the energy blessing package you would like. (Single $4 ( Two blessings over 2 days $7) ( 3 blessings over 3 days $10) ( 7 blessings over 7-10 days $18) these blessings require the name of the individual and their location other additional info about whats going on can also help

Event Readings -readings of events in your life like career, marriage, life changes, or other events is limited to a single event these seem to require more interpretation and involve more energy so they also require slightly more time. As always if i am unable to connect or feel the information is of value I can simply adjust the rate or refund you in those occasional circumstances Event Readings $20

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Psychic readings are done with the intention to provide clarity and guidance around that which you seek. They are not to predict your future tell you the lottery numbers or whom to marry. The readings are simply information to help empower you to find out what it is you are seeking, to point you in the right direction, to give some additional clues or information about that which you are curioust. Life and your life path were never written in stone and you always have the power within yourself to change the direction in which you are heading. It is with great honor that we are here and that we meet in whatever way on whatever path in this universal highway. i only wish for you clarity, empowermenty, love and faith and that you discover your highest truths. " You are the gift that you have been ewaiting for"