Energy Healing & Healer Services

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Energy Healing, Sound Healing and Holistic Healing are not just for people who are in need of health care or going through a crisis in their lives. Most likely by now you have been introduced to one of the many modalities of energy healing and perhaps you have even had experience with them. Reiki, Yoga, accupressure and many forms of holistic healing are surrounding us and reminding us to return to a more natural harmonious way of life. In the beginning working with an energy healer may seem strange, out of reach, or beyond what we normally classify as healing. perhaps financial means, religious belief or false images have obscured your access to alternative health care, energy healing, sound therapy and any other form of complimentary healing. Are you tired of the same cycle of sticking with the old ways of struggle and lack and constantly reinforcing those beliefs? Were you being called to get healings yet you did not go for one reason or another. The time has come start now find a healer that is right for you and awaken yourself to greater possibilities. I encourage you to seek out a healer who you feel most guided to work with, and one who empowers you to grow and awaken your dreams. Your life can be an amazing fulfilling experience and holistic health, energy healing, and sound healing are a great place to start.

For those of you new to energy healing let me explain what you might expect. First off you do not have to feel ill or have an injury or complication in your life to get healings, many people simply state they felt it was time to get a healing and start with that. The word healing implies we are injured or something needs to be healed or fixed yet in truth you can feel physically and mentally fine but are interested in opening up for an expansion "energy expansion" Sessions are usually done in private with a trained healer, a cleitn will relax on a table or in a chair while the healer moves energy into their body. There are numerous energy centers on the body known as chakras, these centers are often where a healer may place their hand. some clients feel very little they fall asleep and go into a deep state of relaxation, in fact some clients have said they like it because they never felt so relaxed. Other clients may experience Continue Reading....