We are blessed that you have come

If you are called to this page to send a donation to us, it is with much grace and appreciation that we recieve whatever it is you are guided to give. We hold great intention to help bring healing and light into the world. If you choose to give a donation please use the paypal button below or contact us for large donations. Blessings to you! The Money will be used to finance a healing center for energy healing and sound healing services. The money will also be used to promote the awareness and use of these therapies. Awaken to the possibility of healing, of a greater sense of purpose and being.


Help us to work locally and globally to use energy healing and sound healing meetups, gatherings, fairs and events. When possible please offer discount or free healing gatherings so that energy healers, reiki practictioners, sound healers and other complimentary healers and therapistscan help to make the shift the earth is asking for. provide love clarity and holistic consciousness to those around you. A free and or low cost healing meetup, network or gathering is a great opportunity to meet and introduce yourself to various healers and healing modalities. We welcome all healers and those interested in energy healing to come to join with others, to speak your voice, give advice suggestions or creative contributions. Blessings to you